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Loc RT-PCT Lab @ Purasawalkam
Loc No.935, P.H.Road, Purasawalkam,
 Chennai - 600084.
Loc (Next to Blue Diamond Hotel)
Loc 9345612448, 9345650993
Loc 9345662303, 9345709039
 Special On-Site services available for
 factories and Companies. Contact :
LocSenthil : 8825611543
LocYamini : 7397332352
LocGanesan : 9840950389



For the use of Medical Professionals only

Disease TestPerfomed
Anemia Haemoglobin, Total WBC Count, Differential WBC Count, ESR, Stool Analysis, Peripheral Smear Study, Iron & TIBC, Ferritin, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid
Fever - Acute QBC Malaria, Total WBC Count, Differential WBC Count, ESR, X-Ray Chest, Widal, Urine C/S, Dengue AB, Leptospira IgM, MX
Fever - Chronic QBC Malaria, Total WBC Count, Differential WBC Count, ESR, X-Ray Chest, Widal, Urine C/S, Dengue AB, Leptospira IgM, Blood C/S, Brucella AB, Anit-TB IgA, Anti-TB IgM, ANA, MX, Urine Routine, CRP, RA, USG
Bleeding Disease PT, aPTT, BT, CT, Platelet Count
Repeated Abortion Torch IgG & IgM Panel, Cardiolipin Abs
Diabetes Urine Sugar - Daily Blood Sugar F & PP - Weekly HBA1C - Once in 3 months Lipid Profile & Micro Albuminuria - Every year
High Blood Pressure Urea, Creatinine, Electrolytes, Lipid Profile, 24 hrs Urine VMA (Selected cases)
Abdominal Pain (Lower) USG, Liver Function Tests, Amylase, Lipase
Abdominal Pain (Upper) USG (Upper), Endoscopy
Chest Pain ECG, X-Ray Chest, Treadmill, CPK
Suspected Heart Attack CPK, CPK-MB, ECG, SGOT, Troponin - T (Trop - T)
Note: Rush to hospital with ice in case of emergency. Do not waste time in doing the tests.
Swelling Legs (Edema) Urea, Creatinine, Liver Function Tests, Haemogram, Urine Routine, Thyroid
Tuberculosis Sputum for AFB, X-Ray Chest, TB Culture, HIV, TB AB, MTB PCR, Mantoux
Dengue Platelet Count, Dengue IgG & IgM
Growth Disease Growth Hormone, IGF - 1, X-Ray for bone age
Suspected Cancer
Note: Tests to be done after consulting the Physician
Breast - CA15 - 3
Ovary - CA125
Colon & Rectum - CA 19 - 9, CEA
Prostrate - PSA, Free PSA
Multiple Myeloma - Beta-2 Microglobulin,
Protein-Electrophoresis, IFE, Urine Bence-Jones Proteins
Hepatic - AFP
Pancreatic - CA 19-9
Chronic Carsinoma - Beta-HCG, Gem cell tumour
Liver Function Bilirubin (T & D), SGOT, SGPT, SAP, Total Protein, Albumin, Gamma GT
Kidney Function Haemogram, Urea, Creatinine, Electrolytes, Urine Routine, Calcium, Phosphorus
Breathing Disease PFT, ECG, X-Ray Chest
Leptospira 1st Week - Leptospira by Dark Field (Blood)
2nd Week - Leptospira by Dark Field (Urine)
After 2nd Week - Leptospira by Dark Field (Blood & Urine), Leptospira IgM
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